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Tri-Magnetics Corp. offers several data storage solution programs to assist in reducing your storage costs while maintaining the security and integrity of your data. These programs include Data Tape Buyback and Trade In, Certification for Redeployment, Data Tape Destruction, Barcode Label and Initialization, and Hard Drive Destruction.

Each Data Storage Solution Program adheres to the required procedures to comply with the following regulatory requirements.

Each data tape program provides a complete audit service by volser number or tape type and count (if a volser label is not present). An audit allows you to be reassured that each tape has been received by our facility, whether for the purpose of reclamation (for replacement tape or credit), redeployment or destruction.

Data Tape Buyback and Trade in Program

Question: When to submit your tapes for data tape buyback and trade in?

Answer 1: When data on a tape has expired, been deleted or moved through reclamation; consolidation of unexpired data from multiple onto fewer volumes.

Answer 2: When a system is decommissioned and optimal value can be reclaimed against replacement tape or credit.

Solution: Submit used or surplus tapes to TRi data tape buyback and trade in program for cash back check or credit to a new tape purchase.

  • Submit the Data tape buyback form to enable a TRi representative to evaluate and determine the value of each tape type indicated.

    Data Tape Buyback Program Submission Form (form download)

  • Receive a formal Proforma quotation indicating the buyback price for each tape type listed.
  • Prepare tapes for pickup into shipping boxes and palletize if necessary.
    • If packaging materials are needed, please ask your TRi representative and they will be happy to accommodate.
  • Tri-Magnetics Corp. will be responsible for all freight arrangements and costs for all tape buyback transactions unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Once the tapes are received at Triís facility, each tape is audited, inspected, eradicated and tested.
    • Only those tapes that pass Triís evaluation process will be paid or given credit for.
  • Once all tapes are processed, we will issue an Audit Report, Data Tape Eradication Certificate, Final test report, Final Buyback report, Buyback Check or Credit Memo.

Sample Data Tape Eradication Certificate (form Download)

Certification for Redeployment Program

It is critical to ensure that your tape is reliable to protect the integrity of your data by certifying that you can still write and retrieve data with zero a data mismatch. Tape failures are most likely to occur when it is being used on your system, which results in increased costs and increased risk. In order to reduce tape failures when redeploying, tapes should be cleaned and certified accordingly. Not only will you increase your return on investment on an asset that still has value, but you will also be guaranteed that loss of data is not at risk.

Question: When to submit your data tapes to be certified?

Answer: When redeploying your used media to other departments or divisions in an organization for reuse.

Solution: Submit your used tapes to TRi's certification program to undergoe the following processes:

Five Phase Certification Compliance Program

  • Each tape is audited once received according to volser number to ensure traceability.
  • Each tape is physically inspected for mechanical defects.
    • If a tape is found to have a mechanical defect, it is audited according to volser number to report to the customer. Once given approval from the customer, the tape is de-labeled and submitted to our destruction process for disposal.
  • Each tape is completely eradicated to erase the previous data, which will ensure an accurate write/read evaluation of the test pattern that is applied.
    • If a tape is found to have one data mismatch, the tape is deemed unreliable and audited according to volser number to report to the customer. Once given approval from the customer, the tape is de-labeled and submitted to our destruction process for disposal.
  • Each tape that passes our stringent proprietary testing process undergoes the following process
    • completely erased to have a blank read for reformatting
    • de-labeled and cleaned
    • Initialization and labeling service available
    • securely packaged for safe return to customer for redeployment.

Data Tape Destruction Program

Question: When should you retire and dispose your tapes?

Answer: The rule of thumb is when a tape encounters a write error, performance should be monitored closely. If a write error reoccurs, the current data on the tape should be migrated and the faulty media scratched and submitted for evaluation or disposal.

Solution: Submit your tapes to TRi's data tape certification program or destruction program.

All data tape received at our facility for disposal are audited according to volser number and kept in a locked, enclosed storage area to ensure the security of materials received. Once the audit is completed and customer authorization is given, all data tape is inspected (Phase II), de-labeled and purged through degaussing (Phase III) to ensure that all information is unrecoverable.

Once the media has been degaussed, it is mechanically chopped/crushed/shredded and properly destroyed to comply with environmental regulations.

A Data Tape Sanitization Certificate and a Destruction Certificate are issued to assure the customer that all data tape received was securely sanitized and destroyed.

Sample Data Tape Sanitation Certificate (form download)

Sample Data Tape Destruction Certificate (form download)


Barcode Labeling and Initialization Program

Barcode labeling and initialization is required in order to identify, track and accurately retrieve data from tape. Whether the tape is utilized in a single tape drive, autoloaders or library, barcode labeling and initialization is necessary.

Tri-Magnetics data tape barcode labeling and initialization service can assist your facility to use staff resources more effectively by concentrating on value creating activities. Data tape can be labeled prior to delivery with volume serial number (VOLSER) labels, then initialized and verified with a quality check. Pre-labeling typically reduces the occurrence of operational intervention caused by poorly applied labels.

Not only will Tri-Magnetics label and initialization service save your facility time and money, but it also provides a pre-labeled data tape for accurate volume management, improved data recovery through faster data access.

Sample volume serial number labels


Preprinted labels are available for all types of magnetic media.
Please contact your Tri-representative to discuss label specifications.

Hard Drive Degaussing and Destruction Program

Degaussing of hard drives permanently erases all data, formatting and the factory installed magnetic servo tracks located on the hard disc platters. Therefore, the hard drive will be unusable after degaussing.

Tri-Magnetics hard drive degausser and physical hard drive destroyer degausses at a 10,000 gauss force then pierces holes into the data platters rendering the hard drive physically unusable.

Before Destruction After Destruction

Sample Hard Drive Destruction Certificate

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