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Magnetic Tape Storage Recommendations

The life of a tape is influenced by temperature and relative humidity. In order to extend the life of the media it is important to store magnetic tape in a clean, controlled environment. High temperatures, high humidity, and the presence of dust and corrosive elements in the air will affect the physical capability and deterioration of the binder (i.e. backing) of the tape. Moreover, exceptionally low temperatures should also be avoided.

Storage Recommendations:
This figure depicts the effects of humidity and temperature indicating that 15 3 C (59 5 F) and 40% maximum relative humidity (RH) are safe practical storage conditions.

  • For magnetic tape-storage that is ≤ 10 years:
    • A maximum temperature of 73 F
    • A relative humidity of 20% to 50%
  • For longer-term storage:
    • At 68 F
    • A maximum relative humidity of 30%

Since lower temperatures and lower humidity increase tape life, a higher humidity can be tolerated if the temperature is lower. For example: a 50 F and 50% relative humidity are acceptable.





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